This part of CleverMaps for Developers consists of tutorials on how to create your own project, load data in the project and how to customize the project to deliver an insightful location analysis for your business.

Before you start with the tutorials, make sure you are familiar with CleverMaps Shell and the metadata model of a CleverMaps project.


We recommend to follow the tutorials in order they're presented. It's not neccessary to do so, but you may encounter some differences and may get lost on the way.

Tutorial 1: Creating a project and visualizing your data

Tutorial 2: Data model and data dimensions

Tutorial 3: Setting up dashboard

Tutorial 4: Filtering the data

Tutorial 5: Drilling down on the data

Tutorial 6: Markers and catchment area

Tutorial 7: Setting up data export

Tutorial 8: AreaMapper and grid visualization

Tutorial 9: Shell project management

Tutorial 10: Importing custom geographic data into the CleverMaps

Tutorial 11: Project versioning with Git

Completed project

If you don't want to do it the correct way (follow the tutorials one by one), there is a project with all the tutorials completed -

You are free to clone it and tweak it to your liking.