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Tutorial 1: Creating a project and visualizing your data

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a new project, writing basic project metadata and loading your data into the project.

Chapter summary

  1. Creating a new project

  2. Creating a dashboard and a view

  3. Creating a dataset and uploading the data

  4. Defining a metric and an indicator

  5. Conclusion

What you'll create

A simple CleverMaps project visualizing your clients' adresses on the map. We'll do that using 2 visualizations - dotmap, and heatmap.

Clients visualized using dotmap

Clients visualized using heatmap


You are able to complete this tutorial if:

  • you have a CleverMaps account

  • you have downloaded CleverMaps Shell and have successfully run it

If you are not registered in the CleverMaps platform yet, you can do it on the web page. The instructions on how to download and install CleverMaps Shell can be found here.

(tick) Let's jump right in and learn how to create your own CleverMaps project.

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