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Git integration

We have introduced Git integration as a robust feature to enhance project management capabilities. By leveraging Git's version control system, we empower developers with efficient collaboration in the development of metadata.

Why use Git to develop your project?

Version Control: Git integration enables version control, allowing you to track changes made to project metadata over time. With each modification committed to the repository, a detailed history is maintained, making it easy to review, revert, or compare changes. The versioning capability enhances transparency and accountability within the project.

Collaboration: Git integration fosters effective collaboration among teams working on CleverMaps projects. Multiple users can work concurrently on the same project, with each individual able to create branches for their specific tasks. This allows for parallel development, minimizing conflicts and promoting a streamlined workflow. By merging branches and resolving any conflicts, teams can consolidate their work seamlessly.

Review Checks: By reviewing and approving pull requests, teams can maintain code integrity and identify potential issues. This helps prevent errors or inconsistencies from being deployed to production, contributing to a more reliable project.

Backup and Recovery: One of the benefits of using Git integration in CleverMaps is the built-in backup functionality. With every commit, the project metadata is stored within the Git repository. This ensures that previous versions of the project can be easily recovered. The ability to roll back to a specific commit can give users peace of mind and safeguard against potential disruptions.

Automated testing: Utilizing Git Integration in your development enables you to establish automated tests for your project, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the entire development process.

Where to begin

You can start by exploring how to set up Git integration with GitHub. Once you have set up your GitHub repository, or you already have one set up for you, you can continue to Developing project with Git, which will guide you through the process of developing the project’s metadata with Git.

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