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Embed Map dashbord to you website

Embedding can be done with two options. With iframe or with sdk. Iframe simly embeds a view. Sdk offers more functionality like, controlling filters, listen to view actions etc.

iframe (basic)

Simply place the iframe tag with the link to desired map dashboard view into your website. 

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Do not forget to properly style the iframe tag. e.g. remove default borders, set width and height.

Note: The audience needs to be invited to the project and will be forced to log in.

Tip: If you want public access without invitation, log in and registration, you can use iframe with token credentials concatenated to a link. Just follow Public access to Map dashboards guide and use obtained link with token in iframe.

<iframe src=""></iframe>

sdk (advanced)

For more advanced integration with your web page (e.g. get and push filters into iframe) use a JS SDK library. Documentation is available on

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