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2. Add basic content

2.1. Text format

To format text, select the part of the text you want to format, and a blue menu will appear. Select the format you want. Make the text “ATM network optimization” bold with the B button. You may check the result by clicking the “Save“ and “View story“ buttons.


To add links to external websites, CleverMaps stories or chapters, you similarly select text and choose an icon with the chain symbol. Try to add a new paragraph with the text “See our previous analysis for better context.” and make the text “previous analysis“ pointing to the address ““.


2.3. Ordering content elements

You may change the order of already created paragraphs or other content elements by dragging them via little dotted areas on the left side of the content editor. Try to move two existing paragraphs back and forth.

2.4. Insert image

There are content elements unrelated to text like images, map dashboards or filters. They do not make sense to be added when text is selected. When clicking into the content editor, a special menu appears, but no text is selected.

Download this image of the data structure and try to insert it into Story. Also, fill the image caption with “Used data schema“ by clicking on a pencil icon. Don’t forget to save your work.


2.5. Embed video preview

To add a new content element above or under the image, you can't use enter. You click the blue new paragraph button instead. It appears on hover just under the image element. Click it and create a new paragraph.

To embed a YouTube video, copy its URL address and paste it into the editor. The editor will recognize it automatically. Try to add a new heading with the text “Used tools“ and add a video under it with the address “”.


2.6. Check the results

Click the “Save“ and “View story” buttons. You should see the same content of the Home chapter as captured in the screenshot beside. Good job!


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