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Release notes (Shell)


  • Added support for new metadata type - AttributeStyle


  • Moved Shell from Java 8 to Java 17

  • Added support to disableFitness in view

  • Added link to project and data model when opening project


  • Added support for new metadata object type Map

  • Fixed General error=Index: 0, Size: 0 when doing fetch

  • Fixed General error=null when uploading csv

  • Fixed 'null' string prefixed to error message when verbose is set to false


  • Added support for new role DATA_EDITOR

  • Fixed defaultViews links in projectSettings when importing project

  • Added check in loadCsv for file, s3Uri, url - only one can be specified

  • Fixed links to new documentation

  • Added replacing of dataset names in other metadata objects when renaming dataset

  • Added support for adding of prefix to property identifiers when importing project

  • Added renaming of references to h3Grid dataset in other datasets


  • Removed support for onDashboard property in indicator drills

  • Fixed importProject specific key does not exist

  • Added support for defaultViews in projectSettings


  • importProject now does not import projectSettings when already present in project.

  • Added support for new types of blocks on dashboard - distribution, ranking, timeSeries.


  • Added restoreMetadata command for restoring older versions of metadata objects.

  • Fixed Bad Request when completing multipart upload in loadCsv.

  • Added strict mode for validating additional properties in MD objects.


  • Changed dump structure. Removed dumpIds. Now there is only one dump per project.

  • Changed dumpProject --force. It now overwrites existing dump.

  • Added dumpProject --ignoreFailedDatasets. It skips failed datasets dumps.

  • Share metadata objects are no longer dumped.

  • Removed --directory from dumpProject.

  • openProject now opens dump if it exists.

  • Removed --dump from openDump.

  • Removed --directory from openDump.

  • dumpCsv now doesn't create new dump.

  • Added dumpCsv --force. It overwrites current dataset data dump.

  • importProject --dump is now boolean option (previously required dumpId).

  • importProject --dump now also requires --project.

  • importDatabase now doesn't create new dump.

  • Removed listDumps command.


  • Implemented fetch

  • Added info message in removeMetadata when object with --objectId does not exist

  • Implemented importProject --serverSide

  • Deprecated --server in importProject

  • Fixed when importProject --prefix imported data twice

  • Fixed when importProject --prefix does not prefix h3 references

  • Deprecated login --email --password

  • status now displays objects missing in dump


  • Fixed missing error messages for JsonSyntaxException and ValidationViolationException

  • Fixed failing listProject command when there exists a project for which user role is disabled


  • Fixed `importProject --prefix` that overrides metadata objects

  • Added support for metric references

  • Reviewed help messages for all commands

  • Removed command alias `import`, use `importProject` command instead

  • Added a new command `cloneProject` for server-side project clonning


  • Fixed authorization failure after 1 hour (using login --accessToken)

  • Fixed adding metric in metric in the correct order

  • Disabled exit of shell when CTLR+C is pressed


  • Implemented accessToken authentication (using login --accessToken)

  • Added support for metric in metric references

  • Fixed removeMetadata --orphanObjects output order


  • Fixed 404 error during cascade import of md objects

  • Added divergingWithZeroStandard and divergingWithZeroNegative indicator scales


  • Added option to load data directly from any HTTPS URL (loadCsv --url parameter)

  • Implemented cascade import of md objects (importProject --cascadeFrom parameter)

  • Implemented removal of orphan md objects (removeMetadata --orphanObjects parameter)

  • Fixed import of md objects already present in the destination project


  • Added option to load data directly from AWS S3 (use loadCsv with --s3Uri parameter)

  • Improved rebase of share objects


  • Optimized applyDiff command, added --objectTypes parameter

  • Added Organization column to listProjects output, added --organization parameter

  • Fixed import of projects which contained exports


  • Added support for dumping and pushing of share objects

  • Implemented applyDiff command for generating metadata diff between two projects

  • Added parameters --organization to createProject and --newOrganization to editProject

  • Added parameter --objectId to removeMetadata

  • Added support for h3Grid dataset type


  • Fixed out of memory error in loadCsv and pushProject

  • Added trafficInverse indicator scale


  • Added fullTextIndex property to dataset, which allows to disable full text indexing of geometry dataset subtypes

  • Fixed prefixing of {dataset}.{property} references when importing with --prefix

  • Refactored '$projectId' and '?name=' link replacement

  • Improved error messages when user is unauthorized

  • Allowed specification of an empty dashboard object


  • Made categories optional in markerSelector, added support for granularityCategories

  • Extended view metadata with featureAccuracy, spatialQuery and showAttributesOnDrill

  • Fixed prefixing of datasets when using importProject with --prefix

  • Fixed failed listProjects when user was disabled in a project


  • Fetch new version of a DWH dataset after successful data pull (ref.table key is now read only)

  • Added --gzip parameter which enables/disables gzip compression in loadCsv and pushProject commands

  • Extended view metadata with singleSelect filter and mapContextMenu


  • Fixed out of memory error in loadCsv and pushProject


  • Added setup command (for easier setup of config and credentials files)

  • Fixed data dump and push when connected through a proxy server

  • Added support for projectTemplate in projectSettings


  • Implemented asynchronous multipart upload (use --multipart in loadCsv or pushProject)

  • Implemented proxy server connection (available in login command and config file)

  • Added share breaking change message support and --force parameter in pushProject to override it

  • Added support of persistence metadata in views, markerSelectors, indicators and indicatorDrills

  • Fixed replacement of view.defaultDrilled links


  • Implemented dump of CSVs with gzip compression

  • Added --verbose option to loadCsv and pushProject

  • Added yellow color to dataset's displayOptions

  • Added an informative check when uploading big CSV files

  • Fixed null error when CSV file cannot be found in loadCsv

  • Revision of command parameter order


  • Ended support of synchronous execution of loadCsv, pushProject, dumpCsv, dumpProject, importProject and validate commands


  • Added support for 5 new indicators scales (heat, heatmap, traffic, magma and viridis)

  • Fixed error message when login is not allowed


  • Implemented the importDatabase command (so far with PostgreSQL support only)

  • Faster upload of CSVs thanks to gzip compression

  • Added support for the new dashboard syntax


  • Enabled reference validation between all types of metadata objects

  • Fixed JSON syntax error at object root during addMetadata of datasets

  • Renamed import command to importProject (but import is still backwards compatible)

  • Fixed null error in removeMetadata

  • Added displayOptions support


  • Fixed bulk upload of objects using addMetadata on Windows

  • Added option to specify --env-file with credentials file in Docker Shell


  • Rebranded CleverAnalytics Shell to CleverMaps Shell

  • Added support for reference validation in addMetadata and pushProject

  • Added support for variable type in metrics

  • Added support for dataSources in datasets

  • Display the name of the object when server validation fails

  • Added check of a MD5 checksum of a dumped file


  • Added zones visualization to datasets and indicators

  • Improved validation of dump object wrapper

  • Fixed CSV duplication when using import with --prefix parameter

  • Fixed validation message when specifying incorrect array size

  • Fixed existing objects with "0" version which appeared as (deleted) in status


  • Fixed bug in loading of config and credentials files

  • Fixed bug when specifying incorrect syntax in withoutFilters and acceptFilters

  • Added support for having indicator drill block displayed onDashboard


  • Integrated new object versioning logic

  • Added dataset.ref.visualizations support

  • Fixed addMetadata picking up non-json files

  • Improved login command

  • Allowed to specify either global or selection indicator scaleOptions

  • Fixed error message when importing non-existent project


  • Added support for indicatorGroups and featureAttributes in a dashboard

  • Added support for additionalSeries extension of the timeSeries indicator drill block

  • Added categorizable flag to all dwh datasets

  • Added --skipData option to the import command to allow data import skip

  • Number of rows loaded is shown after a successful asynchronous data load


  • Added --dump parameter to import command to allow local dump imports

  • Restore original Shell context after import fails

  • Fixed openDump message when no dump exists yet

  • Fixed .config file's server setting not having the highest priority


  • dumpProject and import skip failed dataset dumps when --force parameter is used

  • Added the --newStatus parameter to editProject

  • Added support for squared marker styles


  • Implemented diff command

  • Implemented createMetadata command for generating datasets from CSV

  • truncateProject uses asynchronous database truncate

  • Better JSON syntax and validation exceptions output

  • login command --server parameter is optional and defaults to

  • Red CleverAnalytics logo shows on startup, changed prompt color


  • Fixed NoClassDefFoundError on Java 9+

  • Implemented support for relative date filter's defaultValues

  • Implemented support for projectSettings md object

  • Added new marker styles


  • Fixed property key duplication in filterBy boolean

  • Added --skipValidate option to pushProject

  • Added marker-turquoise marker style

  • Improved addMetadata error output


  • Implemented featureTitle, featureSubtitle and featureAttributes validations

  • Fixed operator key duplication in metric.filterBy.having

  • Extended loadCsv with CSV options parameters

  • Enforce the identity of filename and JSON name key


  • Renamed indicator drill blocks (histogram, trend, barchart)

  • Fixed links duplication caused by renameMetadata


  • Indicator filters support - validations, renameMetadata

  • copyMetadata no longer ignores

  • Fixed a couple of file extension/filename/JSON object name related bugs

  • The output of status --remote is sorted alphabetically

  • Fixed 403 error in status and removeMetadata when not admin in a project


  • Implemented renameMetadata command

  • Added decimal and bigint dataset property data types

  • Implemented truncateProject command

  • Fixed renameMetadata .json extension errors, implemented renaming of vt datasets


  • Implemented renameMetadata command

  • Implemented editProject command

  • Added pre-import project validation check, overridable by using --force argument

  • Improved copyMetadata and removeMetadata command logic

  • Changed listProjects output to a table

  • JSON key order consistent with developer documentation

  • Asynchronous execution of validate project

  • Print warning when pushing file with a syntax errors

  • Accept config and credentials also in .txt format


  • Added support for asynchronous data dump and push

  • Added file change detection support for old projects

  • Better JSON syntax errors and validations detection

  • Implemented export and dataPermission objects support

  • Added option to specify metadata service type in createProject

  • Enabled CSV upload without specifying the file extension

  • Fixed hanging up when performing status in a project with more than 50 md objects of one type

  • CleverAnalytics logo is shown at the start


  • import command support for Å pilas projects, including project cloning

  • Added support for CSV files in status

  • Implemented copyMetadata command

  • add command renamed to addMetadata

  • output of status command is sorted alphabetically


  • Implemented async DWH data pull

  • Fixed Windows characters encoding bug

  • Fixed error during pushProject of old metadata service type project

  • Fixed disappearing local changes in status after using add --object command

  • Improved error messages


  • Implemented metadata2.0 objects support

  • Changed status command to show diff of local and server files


  • Renamed dump and push commands to dumpProject and pushProject

  • Fixed shell command history deletion bug

  • Shell now accepts only full commands, not their abbreviations


  • Reverted dump command behavior to create new dump directory for each dump


  • import command imports only dimension specific datasets

  • Added --prefix option to import command

  • Added --share option to listProjects command

  • Ignoring invalid directories and files during push

  • Server and project title info are now listed in listDumps output

  • loadData command renamed to loadCsv

  • Added dumpCsv command


  • Added deleteProject command

  • Added remove command

  • status command now lists files on the server

  • Shell prints out correct version

  • More detailed error messages

  • Added possibility to import project from a different server

  • Fixed "Authentication refresh failed" error


  • Added import command

  • Added validate command


  • Added DWH data dumping and pushing


  • Fixed crashing when invalid directories were present in dump folder

  • Added dump metadata file dumpMetadata.json to every dump

  • Prints full path when opening a metadata dump


  • Optimized reading the metadata files from filesystem

  • Enabled DEBUG logging to ./can-shell.log


  • Fixed the "400 Bad Request header" error

  • Added JSON validity check to push and add commands


  • Metadata initialization using createProject


  • Better output formatting

  • Added support for ssl certificates

  • Removed server connection check in login command


  • Initial working version

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