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Extractor (Keboola)

Getting started

This component exports data from the CleverMaps Platform. The export is based on Query definition which can contain properties, metrics and filters from the corresponding CleverMaps project.

Following rules apply:

  • Properties can be defined across many datasets.

  • Metrics are defined by their names.

  • Filters can be defined across many datasets.

  • Relationship has to exist between datasets.


  "project_id": "<YOUR-CLEVERMAPS-PROJECT_ID",
  "#access_token": "<YOUR-CLEVERMAPS-TOKEN>",
  "query": {
    "properties": [
    "metrics": [
    "filter_by": [
          "property": "<DATASET-NAME-1>.<COLUMN-NAME-1>",
          "operator": "<eq, ne, in, lt, lte, gt, gte, isNull, isNotNull>",
          "value": "<VALUE>"

More about filters operators here Metrics in the section “Operators“.

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