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SSO and Identity Providers

CleverMaps uses Okta a Leader of Identity-As-A-Service (Forrester’s 2021) for authentication and identity management. Okta helps us to provide integration to any authentication provider, advanced SSO settings and multifactor authentication.

Types of SSO

Both types of SSO flows are available:

CleverMaps (Service provider) Initiated SSO

An user fills in a email on a CleverMaps login pagend then sends an authorization request to the IdP. Once the IdP authenticates the user's identify, the user is logged into CleverMaps.

IdP - Initiated SSO

Your end users must log into your Identity Provider's SSO page (for example, Azure AD or Okta) and then click an icon to log into and open the CleverMaps web application.

Supported Identity Providers

We are able to integrate both Enterprise identity providers or Social logins.

For example, your CleverMaps can support signing in with credentials from Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, an enterprise IdP using SAML 2.0, or an IdP using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol.

Custom Security Parameters

If your company security policy requires some custom security settings, we can customize the configuration for your needs. Example of configuration options:

  • token validity (customization of validity for both Access or Bearer tokens)

  • IP restriction (limit sign-in options for whitelisted IPs)

Additionally, these settings can be customized for CleverMaps Okta (not custom IdP) is used:

  • password complexity (set a minimal requirement for user password)

  • password validity (requirements for password rotation)

  • 2FA (set mandatory multi-factor authentication for users) More in: Multi-factor authentication

  • Session lifetime (When is user forced to sign-in again) More in: Multi-factor authentication

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