Here you can find information about our tools that can help you with data preparation. Tools are available as Docker command line tools or as Keboola Applications (in case you are already using Keboola for data processing).

There are some example scenarios:

  • Map your business point data into areas (polygons). For example you can map data about orders (points) to areas of cities. Then you can calculate aggregation metrics (e.g. count of all orders in each city) in CleverAnalytics. Use AreaMapper tool for this case.

  • Calculate spatial buffer (circle) around each store (e.g. buffer with 500m radius) and then calculate intersection between these buffers and customers houses (points) to get number how many customers live near the stores. Use SpatialUtils tool for this case.

  • Periodically update geometries of vector tileset on Mapbox. For example you can update geometries of delivery zones which are changing every week. Use MapboxUtils tool for this.

Check following pages for more information:

AreaMapper (Docker)

AreaMapper (Keboola)

SpatialUtils (Docker)

SpatialUtils (Keboola)

MapboxUtils (Docker)

MapboxUtils (Keboola)

Extractor (Keboola)

ProjectValidator (Keboola)

Writer (Keboola)

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